Creations by Julie was inspired by my father, Joe.  I asked him his thoughts one year as I carefully tried to think up a meaningful gift for my loved ones for the holiday season.  He suggested printing my artwork on notecards, and hence, with his  support and encouragement, Creations by Julie was born…  And then it began to blossom.  So, I thought this story would be rather fitting to share with all of my Creations by Julie friends:


During my father’s struggle with ALS, he would sit in his wheelchair by the window of his bedroom and meditate as he watched the birds fly to the feeders in his little garden.  It gave him a sense of peace and connection. Hummingbirds, I believe, were among his favorite.  Every time I see one, I think of him.


July 27th, 2012 marked the one year anniversary of my father’s passing.  It was a day I didn’t quite know what to expect, what exactly it would trigger for me, and how I would feel.  I was very close with my father, I loved him dearly. He was my hero, the man I looked up to, and a pure inspiration.  I thought, maybe it would be best to celebrate his life on this day.  So I spent it with a dear friend, Richie, the same friend who came to comfort me the day I received the call a year prior.  That morning, we received a visit from a little friend.  It felt like a little bit of magic, to start off the day: