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My Family Portrait, In Memory Of My Father

During my father’s fight with ALS, he made a choice, to stay strong, positive, to fully live regardless of his limitations, and to create a miracle…to give others hope.  To walk again, to dance with Mom one more time, to walk me down the isle when I get married, to attend my brother’s huge successful orchestra performances.  He wanted to encourage, inspire, teach, heal, love, and give…to leave his legacy behind….to make a mark in the world and give back.  He didn’t quite heal the way he strived for.  But my hope for him is that he knows, wherever he is now, how much he has influenced a world of people.  How he’s inspired and changed lives by the examples he has set, and how he had become the best father I could have ever asked for.

In honor of my father, I was asked to draw our family portrait to include in the very inspirational book he had formulated over the past 11 years during his experience with ALS, which we are now working toward getting published.

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Beauty and inspiration can be found everywhere and I express my vision of beauty through art. Sharing this artistry with my loved ones and community is important to me as they have always blessed me with their love and encouragement. I am passionate in the belief that if you keep an open mind, enjoy life and have faith while actively pursuing your goals, you will truly live your dreams.

-Julie Wions