More Time to Love is an inspiring story about my father's journey with ALS, and how he learned to live and extend his life regardless of limitations.
Creations by Julie - About
Julie Wions - About
Early Years

Born and raised in New Jersey, Julie Wions discovered her love for the arts as early as grade school. By the time she completed high school, recognition of her talents in the visual arts had earned her receipt of the Governor's Award, multiple publications, and displays of her work in exhibitions at several museums, including the Morris and Voorhees Museums. Her high school successes earned Julie a scholarship to the School of Fine Arts at the University of Hartford.

After School

Following her studies, Julie found a variety of channels through which to express her passion for the arts. She produced several pieces of privately commissioned work, enjoyed inspiring children as an art teacher at the Allegra School of Music and Arts in Hillsborough, N.J., and currently enjoys artistic expression as an actress, model, and voice-over artist.

Creations by Julie

Creations by Julie was established in 2008 with a dual purpose. Through this business, Julie hopes to share her original works with a broader audience and simultaneously satisfy her altruistic interests. To accomplish the latter, a percentage of all Creations by Julie profits are donated to the ALS Association in support of research to find a treatment and cure for Lou Gehrig's disease.


Humming Bird Joe from Julie Wions on Vimeo.

Julie's artwork speaks to people. Every Creations by Julie notecard I have ever sent - and I have sent many - has made a lasting, positive impression on the receiver. Her images speak volumes.

~Rich Bencivenga